BOO! Embossed Halloween Cupcakes

Use stamps to send spooky messages for Halloween! Martha Stewart Crafts sent me a bunch of Halloween goodies to craft with in celebration of  Michaels Craft Month! Check out their new Pinterest board filled with custom videos, how-to strips, and inspiration behind the Martha Stewart Crafts line. Stamps can be used for all sorts of things! I used mines to emboss Duff Fondant!

Here’s what you do: Sprinkle powdered sugar (or cornstarch) on your work surface and roll the fondant out to about 1/8-inch thickness. Evenly press your stamp into your fondant to emboss it. Use a cookie cutter (a little bit larger than your cupcake) to cut out the fondant. Lastly, spread a little bit of frosting over your cupcake to affix the fondant. The possibilities are endless! Oh~ and I just love how my cupcakes look in these Orange Polka Dot Candy Cups sent to me from the TomKat Studio!


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